Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Why genetically altered food is good.

You know what might save millions of lives in Africa? If we encouraged them to have "Big Farming" and told them that genetically modified crops (that are resistant to common diseases) are good things.

Instead, we tell them to stay small, dump our leftovers in their markets (making farming unprofitable), and other such nonsense. We do that because we have an idealized view of what the simple life should be. I'd prefer it if we made their lives better by giving them a sustainable agricultural economy and stopped the famines that occur throughout the region. Big Farming would do that.


Anonymous Bakersfield Photography said...

Well, I believe that some people are taking advantage of what they seem to be profitable with them and puts down those who they think don't have the knowledge about it. They must be educated about it so that they are aware of the things around them.

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