Thursday, February 10, 2005

Baltimores Murders...

I was reading Chucks post (39!) over at Tao Te Chuck this morning and I got a little angry at some of his statements. Over the last week or so there have been several posts about the climbing murder rate in Baltimore and yet the only course of action I’ve seen him offer comes today…

“Listen, you fucking spineless, incompetent excuses for journalists: Get off of your asses and do some research and force some change to happen. I realize you may be too lazy and bitter to try to make a difference, but at least do your fucking job. Nothing is going to change until the people who run this city are forced to change it, and you are the ones who can most effectively force them into action.”

I’m all about seeing journalists do more research. I think everyone can agree that they have become excessively lazy and dependent on the AP or Reuters (who in turn have become lazy themselves). What really strikes me as a terrible idea is encouraging the media to become even more of an activist than they are now.

I can see why can see why Chuck is pissed. Everyone should be pissed at the level of crime in the city. I get discusted at the once-grand neighborhoods that are now urban wastelands. I hate the culture of crime that has dominated Baltimore Streets. However, encouraging the media to have even more of an agenda is as dangerous to us as those 39 dead people are. Really isn't that everyone (read liberals) is pissed a FOX about? For furthering an agenda? (It's ok if its YOUR agenda... though I still believe FOX has less of a bias than CNN or Reuters).

Honestly, besides murder becoming so common place that it isn’t news worthy, I think part of the reason we don’t hear more about the murders Chuck is so pissed about is because the MSM IS BIASED and IS PUSHING AN AGENDA. The Baltimore Sun can’t complain about policies and politicians it fought for. Channel 11 can't tell you it's pretty boy O'Malley is a loser.

Baltimore is a prefect example of what happens when the liberal model is put in place and able to spread like the virus it is. Society FAILS.

How then can liberal newspapers, activist liberal newspapers, tell it’s readers that the politicians they supported, ideals they pursued have in fact failed. The high murder rates are proof of that failing, therefore it’s not news worthy.

Even, moreover, what happens IF somehow the papers do report the deaths in the city. Everyday, it’s the headline. “Two More Die.” Every day we hear how one more criminal killed someone in all it's horrible detail. What’s that action going to accomplish? Without changing the perceptions and the ideology of the city itself, the same failed programs and policies will still be in place, but maybe more money will be thrown at the problem. Yeah! Money will fix flawed logic!

What the city needs is some fundamental changes in how crime and criminals are treated.

Otter's 6 Steps to Lower Baltimore’s Murder Rate.

  1. Legalize Drugs – Most murders are drug related. Take away the incredible profits involved in drug sales, lower the reason to kill. Conservatives are simply wrong on this one.
  2. Limit Government’s Responsibility for those who Burden the System – Goes hand in hand with legalization. Won't reduce crime in itself, but in the long term, those who depend more on themselves take care of themselves. If you want to make the choice to use drugs, you have to be responsible for your actions. If you don’t want to work, that's your problem. Provide help for those who want it and are making the right choices.Cast aside those who don’t and don't want to.
  3. Enforce the Laws We Have – It seems to me that liberals will be the first ones to try and pass laws that affect everyone by limiting their rights, but always make exceptions for individuals. We don’t need anything else made illegal, what we need to do is make people responsible for their actions. I’m not talking about mandatory sentencing, I’m talking about real penalties for real crimes. Don’t make owning a gun illegal, punish the fuck out of those who use them wrongly.
  4. Limit the Effects of Race Lords – People who push racial differences for their own political gain should be encouraged not to (my only point I don’t know how to do). It's not a white verses black world, it hasn't been for a while. Don't make race an issue and it won't be. Juries in Baltimore don’t convict African Americans. There is a widespread myth that the system is unfair, so black juries don’t convict black criminals. Criminals who then are committing more crimes.
  5. Make Maryland a “Shall Issue” State – CCW licenses encourage community response to criminal activity. Citizens who don’t have to rely on police intervention are more likely to assist others in need as well as deterring violent behavior in the first place. Everyone has a right to defend themselves.
  6. Give Tax Breaks to Small Businesses – A good idea everywhere, but in densely populated urban areas small businesses are a necessity to get people working and earning a living and taking care of themselves.
- Otter
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I had time to properly address your post, because you have a lot of interesting points. There are even a surprising number with which I agree. However, let me clarify one thing: I do not wish for the Baltimore Sun to become more of an activist, and I regret choosing words that implied that. What I wish for the Sun to do is to report the realities of what is happening in the city. That's it. They don't have to spin it, they don't have to do anything other than put on the front page of the Metro section: "X number of people murdered last night in Baltimore." Every time someone dies, it goes on the front page. At that point, it is up to us -- as voters and citizens -- to decide if we care enough to do anything about it.

I understand that the media must prioritze issues, for column inches are a precious commodity. I also understand that there is some inherent bias in this prioritization. However, I don't see how it could be argued that knowledge of the soaring murder rate is not crucially important to residents of Baltimore City and its surrounding areas. Few things in a city should be as newsworthy as a triple shooting across the street from a Catholic elementary school, or a 45-year-old man getting beaten to death, or a 15-year-old girl being shot as she sits on her porch. These stories barely made the Police Blotter section. And while it is our responsibility to be informed voters who elect people to office who will represent our needs, it is the newspapers' responsibility to inform us. I don't want them to be activists, I just want them to tell me what the hell is really going on in my city. Crazy, I know.


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