Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A comment that grew to a post....

This is a reply to Chuck's comment from my Schools, Teachers and Commies post….

Conspiracy might be the wrong word for it… but I don’t think so…

For a conspiracy you need a couple of things (from memory… sorry if it’s not perfect…)

First: That two or more persons came to a mutual understanding to try to accomplish a goal.

Second: That the person willfully becomes a member of the group conspiring.

Third: An Overt act is taken to further the goal of the conspiracy.

  1. Joe Publisher, confused liberal who dislikes personal freedom and wants more government control, realizes that if future generations grow up thinking that they have to be responsible for themselves his (Joe’s) misguided dream of a socialist utopia is unlikely to happen. Joe, no doubt talks to Barbra a writer for the textbook, who is also a liberal. When they have a chat about not mentioning the 100 million deaths that were a direct result of the Communist experiment, they also discuss the effect not mentioning how brutal it was will have on the readers.
  2. Barbra can quit, or attempt to be objective in her job. She knows that this very well be the ONLY time most students will even remotely think about Communism so she knows her actions will further the goals of the Communist left. She willfully continues her work.
  3. Joe and Barbra submit their work, the book is published.

Is it a conspiracy held by all liberals… well I have my suspicions, but it’s unlikely. Is it even a conspiracy between all publishers and educators… again, not likely.

However, the real point isn’t if it is technically a conspiracy, rather the real point is whether or not children are getting a skewed understanding of American history and that IS happening.

Also, America IS great. Books can say that. I dislike the current trend that brands anyone saying good things about this country as, at best, and ignorant hick. Thanks hippies, you can take a bath now. The World War Two generation did the worst thing imaginable after they risked everything to defeated fascism. They gave their children more than they had. Life free of real conflict or struggle gave us the hippies. Hippies gave us… Well we all know what Hippies gave us.

Liberals still believe they can give themselves a purpose by challenging everything American (the 60’s are over, it’s a shame someone doesn’t create an organization to help them MoveOn). It’s like lip service and fraudulent ideas are more valuable then reality. How the hell can “feminists” support Bill Clinton and Democrat Jews denounce a war against Fascist Islam. Communism and Individualism are diametrically opposed to one another. Socialism is only a step or two a way from Communism, a Socialist state therefore is only a step or two away from state with no personal freedoms…

I digress…

Just because a book, a person, a news program says something good about America, it doesn’t automatically make them wrong.



Blogger The Management said...

Taotechuck - my only concern is that I never know what many democrats consider evil. I've always found that you are either a moral relativist or you aren't. If every action can be justified, there are no bad acts. If a person cannot commit bad acts, we can make no judgments about the person or their actions.

I have no problem with the notion that a bad act may be mitigated by other factors, but I never have understood what factors democrats use in making their moral judgments. Moreover, on the rare occasions that I do understand the factors, I am left wondering why they are so wildly incosistent from issue to issue.

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