Friday, April 01, 2005

An Update on My Coulter Post Below (Sort of)

In my post yesterday, I expressed my lack of amazement that Anne Coulter had been heckled at her performance (really, isn't that what it is?) at the University of Kansas.

Well, apparently, someone attacked Pat Buchannan yesterday during his question and answer portion of his speaking engagement yesterday. He was doused with Salad Dressing (why, I don't know - perhaps by the ease of delivery).

Seriously folks. I know that Buchannan and Coulter and the rest of their ilk may frustrate you, but the answer to them is more speech - not assault. If you heckle or cause a disturbance in any way, you will and should be tossed from the event. If you don't like what they say, write it on your blog or write something to your newspaper. Heck, buy a billboard or start your own T.V. station, but isn't it a fair bit stupid to call someone intolerant while you are in the process of being WAY MORE INTOLERANT?

Anyway, Un-apologetic Atheist has a good post here on why the Coulter event might have warranted some more news coverage.

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