Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The World Is A Safer Place

Just in case you were worried, the streets are safe now. The police gave me a nice little ticket this morning because I failed to display my registration stickers in the proper place on my license plate. Of course, you can see them where I put them whereas they would be obscured by the license plate holder if I put them in the "proper" place.

Meanwhile, an actual crime was committed somewhere else.

This is why I hate cops. Not being a dangerous criminal and knowing that the police will do me no good if I am attacked (especially by them), the only thing they do from my perspective is lower my quality of life. Great, no points on the license, but I'm still out 60 bucks that I could have used for . . . well, any other freaking thing.



Blogger Chowda said...

I've never understood the logic of having to register a car. Besides the income for states - what EXACTLY does car registration do?

We need to lob some tea.

2:50 PM  

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