Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Instapundit has Reasons to Vote Against the Patriot Act

The major problem with the PATRIOT Act and just about every federal criminal law is that it expands from it's original approved purpose to include a ton of other uses. In this case, fighting terrorism has become fighting Methamphetamines. In it's short history, there are plenty of examples of the PATRIOT Act powers being used in drug cases against U.S. citizens, even though law enforcement has always had plenty of tools to use (and abuse) to combat people who voluntarily use drugs.

Besides, now that people are having to register to by cold medicine like Nyquil, it isn't as if we're short of draconian legislation that punishes cold sufferers because someone could possibly use cold medicine to make an illegal drug. Register your Sudafed people - of course if you live in Virginia or Oregon, you already have. Hawaii is next. These measures are supposed to protect you from meth users - they won't. Now all the meth will come from Mexico, which what Oklahoma has discovered. What's really important here is that police now have a new scary drug (remember Oxycontin) to justify their bloated budgets.

Kid H - I'd rather be free with a cold, than a prisoner without one.


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