Thursday, January 26, 2006

BB&T Does Not Support Eminent Domain . . .

based on the stupid "public benefit" adulteration of the language of the Constitution, which actually says "public use." So, they won't lend money to commercial entities that use eminent domain laws to take (steal) land from private property owners in order to make a profit.

Pretty cool. I definitely support this policy and, not knowing anything else about BB&T, will support any company that respects private property rights.

Kid H.

Link via: Hit & Run


Blogger The Management said...

That is freaking awesome... I am really glad that they are my Bank.


2:31 PM  
Blogger The Management said...

I emailed customer service...

While I have been a BB&T customer for several years now, nothing in your service or policies has every really stood out about your institution. You were just another bank.

Today, however, my attitude towards your company has greatly changed for the better. After reading your new policy on eminent domain, you may have just gained my trust and business for life. It is very nice to know that there are still companies with a conscious and believe in the American way of life.

Thank you,

2:42 PM  

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