Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Universal Service Rip-Off

Sorry - no link here. Just plenty of RANT. I continue to ask my self just WHY do I continue to have this Universal Service Charge tacked on to every communications service that I use. It's on my home phone, my cell phone, my internet...COME ON!

For those not familiar, Congress established a Universal Service Fund to make sure that people who pay their taxes have to pay for people with low income to have phone service. The FCC (Federal Censorship Commission) administers the program and sets a percentage that each communications carrier is to set asside each quarter.

The one difference between THIS against other social-welfare programs is that Congress allows the communications carriers to recover these charges from the consumer (ie. Tax Payer Joe). So this little program goes beyond everyday taxes that fund welfare programs, literally hitting taxpayers twice. Good times.

Hmmm...I wonder if poor people see this charge on their bill...


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