Sunday, February 12, 2006

All alone on 695

We had some snow here last night. Quite a bit for Maryland.

Last night I also went to visit some out of town friends of mine who were in town.

Common sense told me to stay home. More common sense told me to stay at the party once I left home.

I don't have much common sense.

So there I was in Towson, which is normally about a 40 minute drive from Scaggsville. It's 2 oclock in the morning and I decide to go home. If I was drinking I would have stayed, but I just couldn't seem to put enough beer in me to get my second wind and hang out all night. Being one of the sober ones at a drunks party... Well, there's a reason I don't do that too often.

Starting off, the back roads were pretty bad. There was 7 to 9 inches on the ground. All I had to do was make it to the Beltway I figured, that would be clear for sure. Umm no.

I've never seen the highway like this. For most the drive NO ONE was on the road. There were no lanes. At some places there was no tracks. Artic wasteland. At least 4 to6 inches covering the whole damn road.

This link is a small movie (1.4 megs) I took with my PDA while driving. That section of road was 695 and 83.

Did I mention I was running out of gas. Well I was. The light came on with about 30 miles to go. Normally that's no big deal. Of coarse normally I'm going faster than 35 miles an hour.

Anyway, everything worked out fine. I had a good time at the party and had a good time driving home. The new tires I got for my car amazed me yet again.



Blogger Linda said...

While I was not out driving in the snow, my dog wanted to go out about 1:00 and I swear that there must have been at least 8 inches of snow on the ground. He was having a ball running around and I was just wishing that he would hurry up.

Thanks to the snow, the dog was actually able to knock me on my ass earlier in the day, so I was hoping that there would not be a repeat. I could just imagine myself lying in a snow drift not being able to get up.

Now that I think about it, it would probably have been pretty funny.

Anyway, glad you made it home safe. Next time drink a bit more and camp out where you are.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Chowda said...

Fear the snow Otter. While you were out snowballing it with the other crazy MD drivers, I was nice and toasty in front of my fireplace drinking it up.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Badger said...

Who knew that encouraging Otter to drink would be a good thing?

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In that type of weather, one could, ski down the river with a pocket full of change.


10:51 AM  

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