Monday, April 24, 2006

Campaign Against Wal-Mart?

One would think that 2008 would be a race for our next President, but rather it seems that what we have on our hands is a campaign that’s starting to gain momentum. It’s not Hillary (Thank God) – it’s against Wal-Mart.

On one side we have the libs, lead by mad “Dean Folk” and some unions who feel that the 1.3 million Americans who work for Wal-Mart can be treated better if they were to be unionized – despite the fact that traditional unionization has failed several times. On the other side we have a company that is simply trying to exercise its inherent right to capitalism.

Those who have followed this issue may remember some legislation that was passed in the Maryland General Assembly not too long ago that imposed minimum healthcare benefit standards to large employers, effectively requiring businesses to not only pay an employee a salary, but to also take on a chunk of their health care costs through insurance.

So who exactly is this war against? Wal-Mart? I say it’s against the 1.3 million Wal-Mart employees who simply exercised their legal right to refuse to join a union.


Anonymous Walt Welt said...

Well there is a lot to be said about this one. I believe in Unions especially because it protects the hard working Americans. On the same note it also protects lazy overpaid Americans who should either be taken out back to pasture. Unions need to have checks and balances just like our government to help keep our great nation at its best.
Health care is a whole different ball game the question is what are we doing wrong? Corruption of the system everyone has a hand in someone’s pocket (and it is not full of change, because gas is costing us too much) the real cost to produce the medicines that are needed is inflated by a minimum of 200%. Look at some other successful countries in the world that offers a welfare system for health care. Everyone gets what they need medically. This day in age people would argue if we had a welfare system in place well the immigrants should get it, I ask why? Please answer me that why should they get it? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH
Bears (Maybe short people) are the real problem not Wal-Mart, Unions, and Health Care.

11:07 PM  
Blogger The Management said...

Walt Welt... Show me a country that has socialized health care where everyone gets what they need.


10:04 AM  
Blogger Chowda said...

UNIONS - I have yet to see an example of performance measures that represent distinct parts of a collective bargaining agreement, so I have a hard time believing that unions protect hard working Americans. I think hard working Americans protect hard working Americans.

HEALTH CARE - From what I understand, profit margins for drug companies is in the area of 18-20% which is high, but not terrible considering how much time and money (both in investment dollars and government permits, etc.) it takes to get a drug to the U.S. market. In all fairness, you can blame the FDA for most of those price increases. They have effectively stretched out the production of prescription drugs so that in order to get approval, a drug is tested for years before a single dollar of profit is made.

GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE - Another welfare program is not what this country needs. In Europe where they have increased health care costs taken on by the government really just raises taxes by 50% or more. Do you want higher taxes? Not to mention, people won't get what they need if government is in the business of healthcare - government will tell you what you need and that's what you'll get.

6:14 PM  

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