Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh, to be in England...

This is what is coming our way... This is the shape of America if we don't do SOMETHING. The left really is screwing up the world and it's all there to see, just freaking open your eyes!

Read the story above. Do a Google search for Crime in England. Take a look at all of Europe, see what's going on. They represent our future, look at the policies they have in effect. Look at the morals they embrace. They are what the left wants us to become.

Seriously read the whole article.


Hat tip to the Smallest Minority


Blogger Rev. Brandy said...

"The left!"

Otter, you are so cute.

The article is really interesting, though.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Chuck said...

I am constantly amazed (though I shouldn't be) at journalism that claims to be objective and investigative but ultimately exists to further the agenda of the author. Those on "the left" will ceaselessly prattle on about the horrors of Fox News, while those on "the right" will blather incessantly about the so-called liberal media.

It would be interesting to take a close look at some facts that were not addressed by this article. How many youths were tried for violent crimes in England at the same time as Mr. Hayward and Mr. Kuba-Kuba? How many received as ridiculously lenient sentences? (And I agree, the sentences were ridiculous.) Do these two cases accurately represent the UK's sentencing of youths? If not, how long are violent youthful offenders usually imprisoned?

There are assumptions that the author makes that are absolutely unfounded:

"Kuba-Kuba’s parents were the owners of a grocery store specializing in African foods, and were deeply religious. The young man doubtless did not grow up in abject poverty, then; nor would he have derived his readiness for violence from anything his parents might have taught him."

I don't know about England, but owning a mom-and-pop ethnic grocery isn't regarded as a high-paying career where I live. There are several small, ethnic groceries in my neighborhood that are owned by people who are one uninsured tragedy (fire, illness, beating by neighborhood youths) from abject poverty. Could the same be said of the Kuba-Kuba family?

And why would the author presume that there is not a culture of violence in a religious household? Are the faithful devoid of spousal and child abuse? Does a belief in a higher power suddenly over-ride one's inability to effectively manage anger? I wonder how Mary Winkler or her recently murdered minister husband, Matthew, would react to the author's assumption?

No, the sentences these kids received are not acceptable, and the author is absolutely correct in bringing it to light. But to frame it as a political argument about how all the bleeding-heart lefties are ruining the world is mere propaganda.

6:00 PM  
Blogger The Management said...

Hey Rev, Chuck… Thanks for coming by…

Alright, I used the term “the left” as shorthand and as a generalization. I know this, but I was a little annoyed when I wrote this post and I just wanted to type something quickly.

Instead of “the left” I should have said something along the lines of “those how believe in more regulations while at the same time stressing less harsh penalties for those who break the law” or something like that. I understand that was also a generalization because often those who feel this way like to look external root causes and factors outside the actor’s control as mitigating factors. Most of these people (again generalized) fall under the modern definition of “liberal,” and believe in policies that move in the direction of greater government involvement to make the world a better place.

Me, a libertarian, I place myself on issues like crime and punishment (on a simple, again modern definition, liberal conservative spectrum) at the far conservative end which is often referred to as the “right”. The traditionally European or American Democratic position is often called Liberal or Progressive and is placed on the left.

Hence “the left”.

I know there is no great “left” agenda. I know everyone, even people who agree on a certain topic, have a slightly different view on matters. You guys knew exactly what I meant when I said “the left.” There is no need to belabor word choice when such very real big issues need to be discussed and talked about.

As for the article itself, it wasn’t meant to be a news piece. It was op-ed. It wasn’t supposed to be a detailed look at England’s justice system, but rather one mans opinion after picking up a couple news papers.

I agree Chuck, some of his assumptions were either wrong, unsubstantiated or valueless. He should have left every point you made out of his story. They don’t add anything to his position (though maybe some point was made about poverty) and only offer red herrings for those who oppose his viewpoint. Again I completely agree with your points Chuck.

The reason I wanted this story here is that the more interested I have become in European politics and culture, the more I see it as a means to view America’s future.

Mirror mirror on the wall, show me how western culture will fall (or just change).

You want statistics, I don’t have em. Maybe the web has them, I don’t know. I understand a few anecdotes don’t make a complete picture, they can be a start. I wouldn’t by one or two stories here and there as a basis to judge a whole countries policies.

Then you read stories like this...

Which discuss a new policy in London where police won’t not only investigate “small crimes” like burglaries and assaults, but also they will now be writing warning for such crimes if they just happen to be there and decide to arrest the criminal.

Meanwhile this is the same country that has banned the likeness of Winnie the Pooh’s friend Piglet from all governmental buildings so as not to offend anyone.


The news is out there.

Yes these are just too stories and yes people must think they are stupid or they wouldn’t be in the news, but the point is that they are happening and peoples lives are being changed for the worse. Even more alarming is that people in this country look to Europe as our role models. Europe is destroying itself from everything like Frances moronic labor laws, to Germany’s belief that Sharia law is compatible with a Western democracy.

The American “left” loves the progressiveness of Europe.

Europe’s problems are not misapplication of the progressive philosophy but rather the failing of the philosophy itself.

Before you say it, I know that’s overly broad. FINE. This little post isn’t meant to be the end all super argument why everyone should think like me.

My point is, use Europe as a model. If we can all do that, maybe we won’t all make the same mistakes.


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