Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm certainly tempted to do this

LONDON (Reuters) - A British motorist who blew up a road safety camera which had caught him speeding was jailed for four months Wednesday, Greater Manchester Police said.

Craig Moore, 28, took his revenge on the camera, which had flashed him in the Hyde area of Manchester, in August 2005.

Although the camera itself was badly damaged, images of him speeding and returning to destroy the evidence were stored in recording equipment in its unscathed base.

These cameras actually increase accidents. They also increase accidents with injuries. They also generate revenue for the government.

Given those three things, it's not hard to see what we should be doing (lengthening the yellow by 1 second decreases accidents and makes people safer). However, given that pesky little third thing, we all know that we'll have to suffer with these things forever.

Kid H.


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