Monday, February 19, 2007

The Left Lane is the Fast Lane

I've always heard that the best way to prevent the majority of our nation's Highway accidents is not to limit someone's speed, but to enforce lane discipline. Here's a proposed law out of Florida.

State Rep. Mike Bennett hasn't abandoned his quest to punish motorists who settle into the left lane and force faster drivers to go around them. The Bradenton Republican has re-introduced a bill this year that was vetoed last year by then-Gov. Jeb Bush.

It targets drivers who don't move over "once they realize that traffic behind them is overtaking them at a high rate of speed," Bennett wrote in a column sent to newspapers several weeks ago. "Drivers who violate this requirement would be cited for impeding the flow of traffic."

Now, I can't say I'm in support of the potential $500.00 fine for violating this law. Generally, I'm against police departments profitting from enforcing the laws (it becomes about money and quotas - not justice). However, the law itself definitely makes sense - well, except for the part where anyone who actually drives the speed limit in the fast lane is going to get passed on the right. That'll make enforcement tough. I can see it now:

Officer: "Sir, do you realize that you just got passed on the right by 15 cars?"
Driver: "Yes sir, but I couldn't go any faster. I was driving the speed limit."

Anyway, got this one via Boortz - who I haven't been reading lately for some reason. Just a phase I guess.

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