Friday, February 09, 2007

Just Wanted to Post Something . . .

so I'm posting a link to one of my favorite sites. The site is called the Torch, and it is run by an organization called FIRE. It is an organization that protects students and faculty from incursions on their individual liberties by overzealous or ignorant College or University Policies. Anyway, this is kind of a boring run up to the site, but you should check it out. The blog entries are all very interesting and FIRE does an especially good job of defending students and faculty even where those students or faculty say or do things that you and I might disagree with.

In other words, they're principled. Cool.

Here's Fire's mission statement:
America's colleges and universities are, in theory, indispensable institutions in the development of critical minds and the furthering of individual rights, honest inquiry, and the core values of liberty, legal equality, and dignity. Instead, they often are the enemies of those qualities and pursuits, denying students and faculty their voices, their fundamental rights, and even their individual humanity. The university setting is where students are most subject to the assignment of group identity, to indoctrination of radical political orthodoxies, to legal inequality, to intrusion into private conscience, and to assaults upon the moral reality of individual rights and responsibilities. Illiberal university policies and practices must be exposed to public criticism and scrutiny so that the public is made aware of the violations of basic rights that occur every day on college campuses.
Like I said, check it out even if this post makes it sound boring, it isn't.

Kid H.


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