Thursday, April 05, 2007

Give thanks....

Friend of Scaggsville "Smooth" sent me this link today.. It's a good read. I like the writing style of the story.

Probably, Mr. Reader, you did not yesterday wash five times, face Mecca, sink to your knees, and pray to Allah. Most likely, Ms. Reader, you did not cover yourself with a burka before venturing out to shop. Probably neither of you is giving up all food between sunup and sundown during the ongoing monthlong Ramadan.

For freedom from all of these obligations, you might spare a minute sometime today, and every October, to say a silent "thank you" to a gang of half-savage Germans and especially to their leader, Charles "The Hammer" Martel.

The story goes on to describe the battle that kept "Mo the Pedophile" out of Europe... You know.. Until the present day where they are doing quite well turning back the hands of time.

I like this line...

"Martel's men stood fast, the spirit of Christ and Thor--a potent mix--fastening their feet to French sod."




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