Monday, February 14, 2005

Drug War Abuses

Read this linked article and the one linked above (registration required - go here). Now tell me that more government is a solution to our problems. Regardless of the fact that this particular abuse was supposedly not sanctioned by these "officers'" superiors, you have to wonder how often this happens.

I mean, it's not as if shakedowns are an unknown practice in the law enforcement community. Seriously, we have a liberty problem when this sort of thing happens. How often does this sort of meeting take place when there is no camera or tape recorder around? What a ridiculous little culture war we have going on right now. The worst part of it is we are all losers. We lose our tax dollars and freedoms. The drug dealers and users and middlemen lose their freedoms. And the police and courts gain huge budgets, but at the expense of their credibility and reputations - not to mention what used to be, i imagine, an ethical sense of prosecutorial discretion.




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