Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cell Phones are Evil

This is a great read that speaks to a study that analyzed the impact of cell phones in society. The study concludes that cell phones open up the potential for “negative spillover” – mainly blurring the lines between “work time” and “personal time.”

I have a cell phone and I love it, but let’s face it – they are evil. I was having dinner in a classy restaurant (Arby’s) the other day, and this family sits down across the restaurant to have dinner as well. As the husband sits down, I notice he has one of those hands-free devices hanging out of his ear. Now I’m intrigued, so I ask myself - will he take the device out of his ear or just leave it there while having dinner with his family? Well the jackass left the bionic device in his ear all throughout dinner with his family.

So this story gets to a bigger question. As a society, do we really need to be touch with others at ANY given time? Do you really need to have that conversation with your doctor about that oozing infection at the Border’s Book Store? I have a general rule with my cell phone – it’s on when I want to be called, which is generally when I’m in my car or during work hours. I really don’t need to be in a grocery store on the Nextel speakerphone beeping away about the latest bargains in my cart.

I’m not calling for licensing of cell phones, but that would be funny – Otter would like that. But it would be nice if the courtesy that we exercise in normal life would somehow manifest itself during cell phone calls as well.


Blogger The Management said...

As I tell people all the time, I bought my phone for my convienence, not theirs.

I guess that I don't answer my phone upwards of 70 percent of the time. My phone is only on vibrate and it is out of my pocket most of the day. I check my messages, but usually only at night.

As for being in public places, I drink by myself at the bar often, I never talk on the phone there even if no one else is around. I'm just not that guy.

As for Otter liking licensing cell phones... I'm assuming you are refering to the argument we made in college about licensing parents... I love using that as an example, but I hope we all know I am for almost NO government intervention at all.

Nice Post..


2:22 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

I love my cell phone and I always have it on. I am very guilty of screening calls. I figure if somebody has something important to say to me they can leave a message for me to call back. I have found that most of the time, people don't leave a message, so I figure they will call back if they need me.

4:10 PM  
Blogger ZooooM said...

Otter, the phone needs to be on vibrate AND IN your pocket, not out. TRUST ME ON THIS.

Mr. Zoom will amuse me while waiting for movies to start by "calling my cell phone" when it's in this place.

I already know I'm not right. I just embrace it now.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous The Hero of Canton said...

I was a long time cell phone hold out. I use mine as my only form of telacomunicationas(Sp Zoooom?) As a manager of many people I find cell phones very anoying. My staff must constanatly be hounded to put them away. When it comes to the line between work and personal time I feel it has been destroyed only do to the inabilality of our socioity to govern the change based on the progression of technology. Ten years ago who would of thought we would have to manage to this moment? But here we are. As a manager I shut my phone off as I walk in the door at work and on as I walk out. Now as an individual I am guilty of watching it. Mostly becouse I am very lonely.

3:43 AM  

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