Monday, February 13, 2006

More Americans Bashing America Overseas

We have yet another American traveling overseas only to bash America. Still cannot understand why we let these folks back in, but I’m sure a liberal could try and explain this to me.

Former VP and inventor of the Internet, Al Gore made an appearance in Saudia Arabia over the weekend for the Jiddah Economic Forum. Although I have to give Al some credit for trying to gain some support to knock down Iran’s nuclear weapon program, he still managed to bash America’s post September 11th visa policies.

Gore alleges that the current practices of “indiscriminately rounding up” Arabs for violating the new policies is just wrong. So wrong in fact that he even used the “D” word. Apparently Gore favors the previous administration’s policies of “fast tracking” visas for Saudia Arabia. These policies worked out so well that we can now attribute multiple terrorist attacks on U.S. soil – not to mention how many of these terrorists are now suspected of being safely harbored by the Saudis today.


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