Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sue Happy

Stupidity once again wins in federal court. The U.S. Supreme Court is allowing a Pennslyvania woman to sue the U.S. Postal Service for leaving a package on her doorstep, apparently causing her to trip and suffering "injuries" to her wrist and back. Wouldn't it just be great if her mail service was suddenly "denied" make her come to the Post Office for all her mail? Dumbass...watch where you walk.


Blogger ZooooM said...

Yesiree. Crap like this makes me hate law. Actually, I suppose I should direct that at the people who misuse the law.

People like her are the reason it costs $56 to send 3lbs of nothing across the country via the postal service.

I can not stand the fact that some people feel like just because they live in the USA, they are guaranteed protection from everything.

Drive a car 60 mph on a dirt road in pouring rain? Roll it? Injure yourself? SUE THE MAKER OF THE CAR! After all, they should have known people would be stupid enough to do this very thing and hurt themselves.

I don't want to buy the world a Coke. I want to buy them all helmets.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Badger said...

Why can't this lady ever use her stupidity in a good, Darwin award winner type of way.

8:04 AM  
Blogger The Management said...

Being sue happy is just part of a much larger problem. In this country self-reliance is no longer a dominant trait. There is always someone else to lay blame to, either as an individual or as society as a whole. Our founding fathers must be disgusted.

No one takes accountability for their own actions. There is always someone else to blame. “My mommy didn’t love me enough” or “who knew you not supposed to drink a whole bottle of medicine would make me sick”.

Katrina is the only example I need. “The government, didn’t move me out of the way of the hurricane. The government didn’t provide me with food and water.” You heard about the hurricane about a week in advance. Do something about it. It’s your life. Sure there are exceptions, but not on the scale we saw dependence. There where a whole bunch of people who didn’t wait for someone to help, they help themselves.

As Kimya Dawson once sang, “Being fucked is no excuse for being fucked up.”


9:33 AM  
Blogger ZooooM said...

I think it's actually much more simple than we are making it.

It's not about what you sue for, but WHO you sue.

If you go after a large company or the government - they have insurance, or at least there's a good chance they do. If not insurance, than at least a lot of money you might get your hands on.

If you go after a teeny little operation with no insurance and no assets, even if you win, there's no collecting.

And insurance companies love this. It forces everyone to buy their product out of fear - which allows them to hire the best people to keep them from paying out the claims = instant and continuous profit for them.

10:49 AM  

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