Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Girl - Elisha Cuthbert the Coolest Celeb In Hollywood

I totally called her a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGG time ago.

Actually, she may be the coolest bowling celebrity in Hollywood.

What follows is my 10-frame manifesto attesting to her undeniable appeal. And nowhere in those frames will you find a mention of her breasts. (See, I'm evolving already.)

Frame 1: Elisha's a top-notch bowler -- and trash-talker.

When I open with three strikes, she shouts: "He's on 'roids!" -- which, if it were true, would surely be the first instance of a bowler taking a performance-enhancing drug not named Viagra.

Cuthbert's bowling form is impeccable, and when she makes her first strike, she invents a funky I Dream of Genie/moonwalk dance to celebrate. "I'm acting like I have good bowling form," she says, voguing. "See what films can do?"

Link stolen from To The People (again)

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