Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Patriot Act

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for linking to this site with running debates about the Patriot Act, which has many provisions set to expire this year.

My view of the Patriot act is that: 1) we're lucky they named it the Patriot Act, since I doubt very many people would get excited about it if they named it something long and boring like most of the laws that crap all over our civil liberties; and 2) a lot of the provisions are useful as an aid in stopping terrorism and we should keep them. However, I'll bet that, unless we limit it, the Patriot Act will be used more as a tool of domestic law enforcement (white collar crime and the drug trade), where the harms to are civil liberties are much more difficult to justify.

Thanks again to Michelle Malkin. All two our readers should regularly check out her site. I'll add stuff to the blogroll as soon as Otter shows me how.



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