Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hippies and Rednecks - Kindred Spirits?

They are according to Jesse Walker in the linked article above. Being from the South, and I mean the real South, not the fake south that is Maryland*, I can tell you that most of the "Hippies" down there used to be rednecks - or at least were spawned from traditionally redneck families.

Anyway, the basic link between the two groups - according to the article - is the anti-authoritarian aspect of each group.

* I don't even have to get past the sweet-tea discussion before MD is ruled out. Trust me, I could take out the big guns, so I don't want any Maryland is the south whining.


Blogger The Management said...

If you didn't want the discussion, you wouldn't have made the comment.

Maryland is SOUTH of the Mason Dixon Line, there for it is a SOUTHERN State.

Maryland is part of the South.


12:52 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

I agree about the Maryland thing. Even though we are south of the Mason-Dixon, we were a neutral state during the Civil War.

What cracks me up are the idiots who fly the rebel flag and live in Pennsylvania.

As far as the hippy redneck connection, I cannot comment. I grew up in PA, with what I would consider a bunch of rednecks, but maybe they are just hillbillies. I think that there has to be a connection between those two groups. Do hippies really still exist? I know that there are many pseudo-hippies out there that would die if their starbucks and Grateful Dead music was taken from them.

I am a person who is fairly liberal in thought, but understand why government is necessary, even if I don't always agree with the views of that particular establishment.

12:54 PM  

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