Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Weekend Part 1 - Traffic, cheese steaks and some folks from LA

I feel the need to post something, though I don’t feel rather angry, or creative, or anything else at the moment. So I’m going to recount my weekend, it was a good one…. In two parts.

To start off I have to say I had a really busy weekend. Started Thursday actually, with more martinis than I (or most people) ever really needed. Friday, an after work beer turned into something significantly more than that. Saturday I headed up to Philly.

This weekend my very good friend got married to an absolutely wonderful woman (if you must know, it was the PCSB). Saturday, the rehearsal dinner was opened up to all out of town guests. Extended open bar, good food and good company made the night.

However, I was late. The God damn traffic was stupid insane for a Saturday. Where were all the traffic jams located? At toll booths. Why? Well because my tax money goes to fund such a stupid large amount of crap that useful things like roads and the military are constantly under funded. Thanks liberals, commies, and generally worthless people. Because of you, I was late.

Even late it was a nice event. I even heard some very good news at the table, it seems a new energy bill has been passed and one of the key components is an end to boutique fuels. Yeah common sense. Yeah supply and demand. Yeah lower fuel costs. I had a good time (despite the NY and Boston baseball fans I sat next to).

From the rehearsal dinner I drove to my friends house, parked, and then went to the restaurant where he manages the bar. Expensive beer and Margaritas lead to more beer and Margaritas that lead to the most foo-foo appetizer I have ever had (3 forks worth of “crab quesadillas”). I guess someone has to pay for the $16,000 gold plated non-functional lowered bicycle they had on display (complete with airbrushed pictures of De La Hoya).

Though the place wasn’t necessarily my kind of place, sitting next to me, I had the great pleasure of meeting a couple of people from LA. I have to say, it’s not often I can say something nice about the left coast but I really had some fun talking with them (plus the young lady was so insanely attractive). As always I seem to meet the best people at bars. Smart and friendly. We hung out, talked about Middle Eastern current affairs, The Dandy Warhols, local music scenes and other things. I had a great time.

After I parted from my new friends I headed back to the restaurant and waited until my friend closed the place down. 4 am is a little late for me these days. Especially late with at-least-a-bakers dozen worth of drinks in me (the LA crew knew how to roll, it would have been more but the bars closed all around us).

Anyway, I fell down a stair or two and messed up my ankle.

So we get back to my friends place and put on a Firefly. I must of only lasted 10 minutes in. I crashed about quarter to five.

Of coarse I wake up at about 9:45 in the morning. Damn programmed sleep patterns. Cleaned up my friends computer. Installed Firefox.

That morning we ordered cheese steaks, real Philly ones. Roll, meat, fake cheese. Awesome.

From there, it was off to my first Greek wedding.


To be cont.


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