Sunday, November 13, 2005

Whiskey Fest

Well, I'm back...

That should have only a quarter of the sadness and half the finality as when Sam says it at the end of RoTK. (Ohh you, the red headed girl in the corset, how I can't get you out of my mind).

Anyway, Whiskey Fest Philadelphia was a lot of fun. We can call it a success 'cause I didn't end up in Harlem!!! (Never New York AGAIN!)

Though the whiskey is a highlight of the trip, it's not the only one. Hanging out with the Hero of Canton is always a great time. His two friends that came along with us were definitely the right crew for the event ( Slackers Weekend guys too ). Brown Liquor powered mayhem, ohh yeah!

The event was held in the Crystal Tea Room in a hotel that faces City Hall. Not too bad of a walk from HoC's house. The joint was nice, the crowd slightly better than the one in New York, though the Whiskey selection slightly smaller. There was still a pretty good Whiskey showing although this year there seemed to be a lot more other spirits taking up space. I've got nothing against Gin, Vodka, and Tequila... But it doesn't belong at Whiskey Fest.

It's kind of odd. I didn't really try too much that was new to me this year. I knew what was good and headed for that.

Bruichladdich, Laphroaig, Dalmore, Macallan, Ardbeg, Isle of Jura, and Bowmore all had their classics present. Just having drinks from these guys was well worth the ticket price. It's nice to taste some of the best drinks money can buy.

Suntory, a Japanese Whiskey was a pleasant surprise. I had a glass of Rebel Yell (and yes they poured me a glass) because they had Confederate Civil War reenactors and a hot blond in hooker boots pouring at their booth. It was pretty much crap. Real harsh and the alcohol was overpowering, I would guess only aged a year or so. There were booth babes galore. I didn't drink any, but the Hendricks Gin girl was silly hot. I'm embarrassed to say I had some Dewars, cause the girl at that booth told me to.

The Bowmore Master Distiller was there again. Once again, he was paying attention to the pretty women and not hooking me up with the stuff he keeps hidden. It's his whiskey, but still... Let me try it, I'll appreciate it more then the guy who doesn't drink Scotch but has a hot wife. Next year I'm bringing an escort. It would be worth a couple hundred dollars to try a whiskey that was older than my Grandparents.

After Whiskey Festival there was the required “Too much drinking to be smart”. That's always fun. At Good Dog I got to drink some Stone Arrogant Bastard. Normally a treat in itself for me (though I did loose my Rebel Yell swag there). From Good Dog we went out elsewhere, I met the Red Head with the Angel wing tattoos (infatuation? Yeah... I think so). Then, 'cause we didn't have enough to drink, we headed to an after hours bar.

Good times... good times....




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I think I'm drunk from just reading this. HOORAY! Glad you are back.

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