Monday, January 09, 2006

The Agitator has a round-up of some stupid SWAT team raids

Read the first few posts. I'm starting to think we should go ahead and cut just about all funding for SWAT teams. To quote one of the articles in the Agitator's posts:

"When I went to law school, I was taught the sanctity of your home was one
of the greatest freedoms we have. If you don't have the sanctity of your home in
America, what have you got?"
Buerosse called into question what he said was "law enforcement running amok."
"SWAT teams are not meant for simple pot possession cases. The purpose of SWAT teams is to give police departments a specially trained unit to react to a violent situation, not to create one," he said. "This should not happen in America. To me you can't justify carrying out simple, routine police work this way."

Anyway, read the whole page - it's about 15 short posts, but it has been especially good on this issue lately.

Kid H.


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