Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Miami Jail Escapee

Police in Florida answer their own questions:

Buckles was reported missing around 7:30 a.m. when officers were doing a
head count of inmates who were being brought to make court appearances, chief
police spokeswoman Linda O'Brien said. He apparently climbed the fence and it
was unclear if he was injured, she said. Burgess and Charles McRay, director of the Miami-Dade Corrections Department, said a review was under way to determine how the escapes happened and to create tighter security to prevent further breakouts.
Here's a clue for the Miami-Dade Corrections department. The guy climbed the fence. That's how he got out. Also, the guy who escaped last month used bed sheets. Jeez. It's not as if these guys pulled some Mission Impossible stunt to escape. They pretty much stuck with the traditional low-tech methods that have been proven effective since, well, forever.

Kid H.


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